After 9 years as Chair of the Art Department at St. George’s School (RI), I founded Schoolyard.com, the first company to provide website solutions to independent schools (1995). I have often that an industry with a market value of over $100M was born in my dining room with a $10K loan from my mom. (I repaid the loan.) Over 300 schools in 30 countries later, I sold the company, leaving in summer 2017. I took a year to see places as yet unseen, spend meaningful time with my kids, and reflect upon next steps. Back in Rhode Island, I started playing mandolin with an Irish session group at Aidan’s, in Bristol, RI. Most fun ever. In 2018 I had the good fortune to assume the position of Chair of the Art and Music Departments at Cape Cod Academy (CCA). It was all too short-lived, as on the second day of the current school year cancer showed up. Learn more on BrainWaves, The Blog, in the main menu.

Hopefully relevant additional detail includes the following, in no particular order. I taught for 3 years in England before moving to Rhode Island. I served as Board Chair of The Pennfield School (RI) for 4 years. I am a  former Executive Director of the Newport County Arts and Cultural Alliance. I have 3 kids: Bennett (30), James (12), and Daisy (11). I am married to Susan Andrade Bistline.


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